I want to start documenting some of the things I think about. Will try to keep it neat and PC. Once there is enough content I am sure an index area may be useful. Most of this page will likely be rants about games, anime and TV series.

I pretty much exclusively game on PC.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

I liked Deus Ex: Human Revolution so much that I decided a play-through of the original Deus Ex was needed. After slugging through that (*) I played DXHR a second time in order to prepare for DXMD... aaaand it's been a buggy, badly-optimized mess. More, I think, than just standard 'lousy port'-bad. So, below are some thoughts I have had about the game.
(* definitely a great game in its time, just did not mesh with my usual way of playing. Still well worth it for the greater story)

1. Pretty horrible performance. Though my CPU is outdated so that may be expected. The MSAA setting is extremely taxing, while TSAA makes the game a blurry mess. I think the TSAA blur could have worked in some counter-depth-of-field way. Only apply TSAA on objects further than x away. Maybe.

test image with test text wew

2. Navigating the map has some interesting minigame-esque mechanics. It will sometimes randomly jump to other, unrelated markers when you attempt to scroll onto e.g. a quest marker. Additionally, the map is sluggish at times for no discernable reason. It is very simple in appearance so it does not make sense why fps problems would arise while using it. //add clip tba//

3. There are two methods for scrolling through an eBook. What makes this thoughtworthy is the fact that these scrolling/paging methods aren't connected – the most straightforward way of reading through an eBook (using your mousewheel to scroll line-by-line) does not update the other "page-by-page" method at all. You could mouse-scroll to the end of the book, and the page indicator would still show e.g. page 1/3. Scrolling to the end means you will not be able to page back to the start. You either have to scroll back up or page "forward" once and then back.

Clip demonstrating issues you run into while scrolling/paging around an eBook. //change to better clip tba//

4. More scrolling fun. Here it is found in the center column of the newspaper tablet devices you can read from. When the first article in a newspaper spans over two columns, the second column has some interesting scrolling features. Wonder if these kinds of bugs come from the port or if they exist in the console versions too.

Clip demonstrating scrolling enabled in the second column of a newspaper article, allowing you to scroll all the way back into the previous column's section of the article.

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