Some things

Below are some of the things I've busied myself with in computer science and my other modules.

It is not a lot, as you can tell. Most of it is university work.

Web-based projects / practicals

UWC MAPAPP - group project map webapp. For use in finding your next lecture venue. Prototype gets the idea across. This version is only demonstrably functional if you are near the UWC campus.

Earl's Easy Bed & Breakfast - simple B&B site to demo basic CSS.

Bad JS practical - made to demo basic javascript in html.

Local projects / practicals

[Java] Database prac parsing and working with data - using a large amount of data we compute different statistics. You need both files to run this, and you have to edit the file path into the java file manually (sorry). Thankfully not that hard to change, really.

[Java/SQL] Database group project designing a DVD store DB with GUI - from project proposal, to building the database in SQL, and linking it to the Java GUI front-end.

[C] Work out the weekday of an input date - my first C-language practical, coded extremely monolithically. Works well enough though and is commented throughout, so it isn't all useless.

[C] Implementing a linked list in C - this supports most of the expected commands (push, remove, ...) and has a lot of commenting. Very overkill in my eyes but it was under lecturer's orders.

[Information Systems] Enterprise Architecture group project - large report with concise presentation detailing the purpose of EA frameworks, and elaborating on the Zachman framework.

[SAS] Final SAS project - Statistics project on the effect that punishment regimes have on crime rates. We did this group project as a group of 2.

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