Steyn de Klerk


Hi there, I'm Steyn! Welcome to my website.

Witbank born in '94 and spent most of high school in the mid east. Finished school in Knysna. Studied Computer Science (B.Sc with Information Systems) in Cape Town.

My Links

testing LinkedIn / as Steyn de Klerk
Finished with studies, keen to start working.

testing Instagram / as St3yn
I'm more few-and-far-between than most but I do go on IG sprees sometimes.

testing DeviantArt / as Staindk
Sometimes I'm a hobbyist photographer. Mostly when I'm with my dad, which isn't often these days. But still.

testing Dotabuff / as Staindk
I play a bunch of Dota 2. It's addicting, but also a good bit of strategy, yeah?

testing osu! / as Staindk
I'm a monster at this game (monsters can be clumsy too).

testing Kitsu / as Staindk
2D is life.

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